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Surviving the Storm e-book

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Surviving the Storm e-book! 

First of all, please know you have both my empathy and sympathy for your pregnancy loss. Whether it was weeks, months or years ago I'm sure it's still on your mind often. 

My friend, Kaylene and I have both experienced miscarriages. And because we found healing in writing about and sharing our situations we thought that others would too. 

The Surviving the Storm e-book will give women the opportunity to write about the experiences of loss, healing, rainbow babies/pregnancy and a combination of all of those things. 

Our hope is that readers and writers alike will be able to work through the hurt to find healing through sharing their stories and reading the experiences of others. 

Please fill out this form to tell us a little bit about you and how you would prefer to tell your story. 

We will be collecting interest through the month of July. And we'll be providing more information about submission guidelines, deadlines and becoming an affiliate. 

If you have any questions please reach out to me at or Kaylene at 

Thank you so much!