Firefly, LLC.
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Service Overview

Virtual administrative and course creation services for business owners.


Stumped about how to accomplish this "work-life-balance" thing everyone talks about?


  • 10-20 extra hours a week to focus on yourself and your family

  • Selling out your online course pre-enrollment

  • Delegating all post-sales client emails

  • Resting confidently knowing you’re fully booked for the quarter…or the year!

Ready to Make It Happen?


  • Create an Online Course

  • Keep up with Blogs, Emails, and Admin

  • Update and re-publish old posts and images.

Get the Goods to Get You Started!
The Ultimate Mom Boss Resource Guide— Rock Your Business, Home, Lifestyle, and Spirituality

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I look forward to hearing your story and learning how I can help you help others AND grow your business! 

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