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A Bedtime Story Book Review: Tell Me Your Dreams

I was thrilled to recently be contacted by author Molly Doss to read and review her latest children’s book. Tell Me Your Dreams encourages expanding the imagination, sharing dreams, and peaceful bedtimes.

I believe that understanding children’s wishes and imaginations gives parents a unique opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level than we would by simply discussing day to day events.

This delightful picture book explores the magical world of sleep with playful adventures and whimsical illustrations. It begins with a mother and child getting ready for bed, the mother asking, “Sit next to me and tell me your dreams. When you close your eyes what is it you see?”

What I enjoyed so much about this book was that each page and dream scenario opens up the possibilities for further storytelling. The rhyming poetic text paints beautiful mental images of the adventures that are possible in dream land.

My favorite verses (of course) were:

Do you dream of being a firefly waiting for your time to glow in an open meadow of golden grass when the brilliant sun is dipping low?

Not only are the verses descriptive and engaging, but they also provide an opportunity for vocabulary learning. Little ones are introduced to new words such as “evade” and “wispy” as the rhythmic lines prepare them for sleep.

Ms. Doss has really succeeded in landing among the stars with this simple, yet imaginative bedtime story that encourages little minds to dream bigger and gives parents a chance to understand their child’s inner wishes.

This book is quickly becoming a popular one in our rotation of stories included in our bedtime routine.

What are your child’s big dreams? Share your favorite bedtime stories in the comments!