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Top 10 Resources for Raising Mindful Kids

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I started freelance writing at about the same time we had our second son. I'd been coping with anxiety and depression since the birth of our first, grieving through pregnancy loss, and was feeling incredibly lost and hopeless. 

Then I wrote a series for Lemon Lime Adventures on mindfulness for kids. As I immersed myself in the research it became easier to incorporate the techniques I was learning into my own life as a mom. I began to feel the benefits, experiencing less anxiety and more ability to actually enjoy my time with my kids. 

My quest for resources to support this mindful way of life and teach the valuable skills evolved. I was excited to learn about all the ways these happiness techniques can be taught to children. I really believe in the power of learning these skills at a young age, hopefully relieving our children of the anxiety so many of us experience as adults.

Resources for parents and children to teach mindfulness techniques. Songs, stories, podcasts, apps, and guides for parents. This list has everything you need to teach children mindfulness.

These are 10 of my favorite resources for raising mindful kids! 

Songs, Stories, and Skills

Kira Willey

This lovely lady has mindfulness books and fantastic yoga music for kids. Her albums like Dance for the Sun and Mindful Moments for Kids are enjoyable for little and big people. We love using the songs and exercises for a quick break in the day to relieve tension and get back on track. 


Written and read by Channel Tsang as part of the Bedtime FM podcast network, these relaxation stories are a true treasure. The first season's stories encourage visualization, breathing, and meditation techniques. This season the stories focus on managing emotions using those same techniques and feature the adventures of a sweet red panda character. 

Yoga Stories for Kids

Yoga is one of the best tools for teaching and encouraging mindfulness. These stories and products offered by Giselle Shardlow are a perfect tool for introducing poses and breathing techniques useful in managing emotions to little yogis. 

Annaka Harris and Susan Kaiser Greenland

These two brilliant ladies have their own efforts in raising a mindful generation and have also collaborated on projects. Together they offer the Mindful Games activity cards. On her website, Annaka includes easy mindfulness techniques with audio, video, and notes for parents and educators for hearing, breathing, seeing, and offering kindness. Susan offers training for teachers and parents along with fun mindfulness games and activities. 

Mindfulness for Children app

On the go or before bed, this app includes both free and paid versions introducing the concept of body scan mindfulness meditation. It's very relaxing and a great tool for bringing awareness to the body and breath. 

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Education and Resources 

Present Play with Avital (The Parenting Junkie) 

My life would not be the same without The Parenting Junkie. With an awesome community of support, the Present Play membership is my go-to for  peaceful parenting, encouraging play, and mindfulness techniques. Check out the Parenting Junkie videos on YouTube to increase your own mindful awareness, ultimately passing the skills along to your kids!  

 Hey Sigmund

I really can't say enough good things about Hey Sigmund as a resource for all things mental health related. Grown-ups and children can benefit from the many articles with meditation practices and tips from psychologist, Karen Young. She also just released a children's book, "Hey Warrior" to help children understand and manage anxiety. 


Go ZEN is most appropriate for children ages 5 and up. They offer 5 core programs teaching skills for anxiety relief, OCD symptoms, well-being, and mindfulness. Each program contains animated videos to illustrate the topics and modules to complete the lessons. 

Spiritual Kids e-course

This course offered by Spiritually Aware Parenting combines and introduces the many benefits of mindfulness. Over a 6- week period children, parents, and caregivers can learn techniques for meditation, emotional awareness, gratitude, and the law of attraction. 

8 Week Program for a More Compassionate and Conscious Family- The Chopra Center

I very enthusiastically clicked the SIGN ME UP button when I found this one! Every week you'll receive strategies your whole family can use to experience the benefits of mindfulness. These strategies will help regulate emotions, manage behavior, reduce stress, and introduce meditation techniques. 

We have used or referenced all of these resources in our family at one point or another. So, I fully stand behind them and hope you'll enjoy the benefits of raising the next generation of compassionate, mindful little people. 

Please let me know what you try and tell me about your experiences!

Until next time!

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