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5 Reasons Every Female Entrepreneur NEEDS a Virtual Assistant

reasons to hire a virtual assistant

5 Reasons Every Female Entrepreneur NEEDS a Virtual Assistant

  1. Virtual coffee talk. You're brilliant with a million amazing ideas. But you have 1 brain and the same 24 hours in the day as the rest of us. Having a weekly or monthly chat with your VA will keep you focused. An online coffee date may be just the thing you need to break down those ideas and projects into manageable steps.

  2. More time for yourself and family. When you're spending less time on the day to day tasks like social media scheduling or sending out newsletters to your adoring fans you can devote more of those 24 hours in a day to taking care of yourself and feeling good about spending time with your family.

  3. Build on your strengths. So you're awesome at face-to-face client conversations. But writing isn't your thing. You’ve been dreaming of creating an online course. But the to-do list that comes with is way overwhelming. When you're working with a VA (that's me!) you can delegate that ish you'd rather not do and focus on your awesomeness.

  4. Who run the world? Girls! We do! Right? But we do it our own way. For us, it's not about pushing ourselves and constantly going and doing. We work smarter, not harder. With a virtual assistant on your team, you can know your limits and stick to them. You can honor your cyclical nature, rest and reflect when you need to without worrying your business will take a dive if you hit a slump.

  5. Do more business. Make more mon-ay. Sure, you started this business to help others. But you're not doing it for free. When you outsource some of your administrative tasks you free up time and brain power to dedicate to those you're serving. When they have an amazingly authentic and genuine experience, they'll tell their friends. Voila! More money.

Your business needs more heart and less hustle. So take a look around my site and see if I'm the soul sistah you didn't know you needed. 

Head over to my Services page to get a better idea of the things I can help you accomplish. You can claim some of my dedicated time by purchasing a monthly package of 10, 20 or 30 hours here. And if launching an online course has been on your to-do list too long and you want it on your "DONE" list, learn about my all-in-one COURSE CREATION service!