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5 Minimalist Home Decor Items That Invite Nature In

Modern Minimalist Home Decor For Inviting Mother Nature In

You know that feeling you get with the first few breaths of fresh spring air after a long winter? Aaaah. Heavenly. Right? Or the way a walk through the trees or a run by the water clears your head and makes you feel grateful? When we spend too much time cooped up inside and with our faces buried in our screens we can forget just how magical mother nature is. We need her as much as she needs us.

So, I may be a minimalist when it comes to what I bring into my home. But, items that bring a bit of nature with them are always welcome. Check out these top five natural and cozy minimalist home decor items. They're some of my favorites! 


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5 Minimalist Home Decor Items That Invite Nature In

White Ceramic and Copper Planters 

These are just plain cool looking, aren't they? There are many plants, like aloe, that naturally purify and oxygenate indoor air. These would be perfect in a bathroom or in the kitchen for growing your own herbs.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

We have a few of these throughout our house and one as a really pretty addition to our nature table. When heated, himalayan salt emit ions that help purify the air. Benefits of these beauties include soothing allergies and improving air quality. Their soothing glow also helps regulate hormones and promote positive moods.

Coulax Sunrise Alarm Clock

Wake up to pleasant nature sounds with this sleek clock that provides sunlight simulation. It gradually increases the light as it approaches wake up time, helping your brain and body wake as they would with the sunrise. It also features the opposite effect, decreasing the light gradually for sleep, perfect for little ones afraid of the dark. If you have to get out of bed, it might as well be the way nature intended. 

Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser

I love it when people walk into my home and say, "It smells nice in here." Don't you? Strategically placing diffusers around the house is a must for enjoying the many benefits of our favorite essential oils. These wood grain styles are definitely my favorite for coordinating with natural home decor.

There is just something about birch trees that really calls to me. The smooth bark, the light color standing out from the crowd of brown trunks. I just love them! Candles have a way of calming the spirit and these are perfect for lighting at the dinner table or for evening family rituals. Lighting candles after dark instead of turning on lights also sends signals to the body that it's time to wind down and get ready for bed. 

What are your favorite ways of bringing nature into your home?

Share your favorite products with me in the comments!

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