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Greater Is He That is in You Than He Who Is In The World

My favorite body part of a newborn baby is the spine. For some, it's the feet. I love the backbone. 

I had monthly ultrasounds with little brother. (For what it's worth I felt it was completely unnecessary. But that's another story for another time.) Anyway, I had a lot of time to sit and think about those images and internal structures growing inside my own body. 


And even more than the squiggly little facial features I looked forward to seeing those tiny vertebrae. 

They look so primitive, prehistoric. Like it could be a baby dinosaur in there and I really wouldn't know. Would I? Those first precious images of the backbone, the energy center for everything remind me of the connectedness of it all. 

It's that glimpse of Spirit. It's the beauty of creation that begins with the spine that channels our energy. 

As I snuggled big brother tonight, who, even at newly four is almost as tall as me, he took up as much of my space as he could. I sensed he would just crawl right back into the warmth and comfort of my womb where all is well if he could. He had listened and followed and helped all day. Now he just wanted to be loved. To have his cup filled. 

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As I rested in the moments I was gently called to bring his attention to the spirit of love around us and within us. 

I led him through a quiet body scan relaxation. I reminded him of the Light in his heart that reaches out to his family, friends, city and world. As I gently ran my hand along that growing backbone, I felt the fullness of gratitude and joy. It's that same backbone I glimpsed on an ultrasound before we had even met. It grows and lengthens as he does, yet it's always what connects us back together and with every living creature on the planet. 


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