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But Who Do You Say That I Am?


My spirit has definitely been shown the benefit lately of using Sundays as they were intended for rest, reflection and relaxation.  

It feels like perfection when we spend our time on these brilliant summer days playing in the backyard, reading and writing.

When I begin the week mentally and spiritually giving thanks, more often than not the remainder falls smoothly into place. When Sundays are spent hurrying or shopping, the other days feel like chaos. 

benefits of using Sunday as a day of rest

Life is certainly not always that beautiful bowl of cherries. Far from it, and I'll be the first to admit that. But, as I've spent this past year mostly at home with our kids, I'm noticing rhythms and the important role rest plays in keeping life feeling balanced. 

I've been at this freelance work/life balance thing for a few years and writing professionally for a year. And as I started envisioning how I wanted my career to look, I prayed. I tried to listen more than I asked. And I basked in the little moments of daily joy He shared with me during playful times with our family. There are always obstacles to overcome and times of doubt in finding purpose. But, when I dance around in the living room with our sons, I sense we are on the right track. 

So, as I make plans and start new projects, I pause to give thanks and dedicate Sundays to rest. I've heard the Spirit softly asking me lately, "Who do you say I am?" which nudged me to consider how to answer the question. I realized I need to answer not only with who I think the Greater One is, but also how I represent Him in my life.   I felt I couldn't go any further with my own goals without giving credit where I feel credit is due.            

One of our favorite songs for living room dance parties is Higher by Unspoken. 


My favorite part: 

Standing on the top was never, ever my goal. 
But if you put me on a mountain, 
Then I'll tell the whole world. 
Singing Halleluiah until I hit the dirt. 

I promised the Lord if I had a platform to share my voice that I would use it to speak His praises. So, with this post, that's what I do, as I reach higher and dream bigger. So, wherever you are in your journey, whatever your beliefs, make time for rest, and I hope this message brings you peace. 


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