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The Secret to Success is Frothy Coffee

The other day, I showed up to my friend's screen door, 3 year-old at my heels, baby monitor and #HAPPY mug in hand, politely asking for a cup of coffee.

I was welcomed in with a kind smile and the chance to talk for a few minutes while we waited for "slow" pour-over coffee. 

I was a bit anxious leaving the baby sleeping at our house on his own. But I had the monitor with me. I had been futzing with our own coffee maker all morning, it needed a good cleaning, and the final products I kept getting were far from satisfactory. If I was going to take care of my little beings for the rest of the day I needed to solve this problem pronto. I quieted my anxiety with some deep breaths and enjoyed the time with my friend and our children while we waited for the coffee to brew. 


Keep in mind I've been living under a "parenting very small children umbrella" for a few years. But, I never knew about pour-over coffee makers before!

They're genius, really! Built in filter, no waste, no electricity (besides warming up the water), and it requires just enough time and attention to be an actual "coffee break." This encounter with my neighbor and her pour-over coffee maker was a light bulb moment for me. 

I enjoyed the cup of coffee she gave me so much more because I was grateful for it. A cup of coffee is such a simple pleasure, but really, it's also a necessary ritual to start my morning. The gratitude that taking the time to brew a cup of coffee yourself brings with it, makes it that much sweeter. 

So, as often happens with me when I get a great idea, I get fixated. As soon as I could, later that day, I dashed to Target to get my own minimalist-style, eco-friendly, gratitude percolator.

Right next to this beautiful carafe on the shelf was a handheld frother. Perfect! Done. 

The next day my eldest and I went through the steps of making coffee, frothing milk and enjoying a beverage break together three times! (Relax, when I made it with him it was decaf.) 

I've only had this new system a few days. It's taken me a few tries to perfect my barista technique. But, this morning, I nailed it! I found the perfect combination, mixed in the right order, to create my coffeehouse-like drink right in my own kitchen! And that makes me #HAPPY!

Moments like that are really beginning to create positive changes in our lives. I am so thankful I can tailor our days so I can teach our children to slow down and enjoy the process of making a good cup of coffee. Because,

Success isn't the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. 

I really believe deliberate gratitude is the key to success, whether it's for frothy coffee or some other good and perfect thing. 

This week I'm thankful for: 

  • Frothy coffee (of course!)
  • Neighbors
  • Working from home
  • Summer sun
  • Light bulb moments

What's your "frothy coffee" key to success? Please share!