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Even If It's Only One Thing a Day

I've been trying to keep as much track of my accomplished list as my to-do list.

Giving gratitude for the things the universe sends in my direction fuels the energy that gets the other things on my endless list crossed off. 

I've been keeping notes of the steps I am taking to reach my business goals. Even if I only take one step toward a goal, that's further than I was yesterday.  It's so helpful to have written proof when I start lacking confidence and the "who do you think you are," thoughts start to creep in. I can shut them up by looking back in the last few weeks of my planner and reassuring myself that no matter how long my to-do list is, I am actually getting a lot done!

So, in an effort to keep with that momentum I'm starting this week with gratitude for all the goodness our family has received. I'm saving the to-do list for Monday morning. 

We attended service at our church this morning. The message was about gratitude. It was the perfect reminder to simply, "Be still and know." 

I didn't work today. (Blog posts don't count as "work" btw). But my list looks like this: 

  • Watched the 3-year-old sing to himself while helping to wash the car. 
  • Had a delicious iced coffee at church
  • Went for a family walk 
  • Sang some songs while folding laundry

And those things are just as worthy of noting as my work achievements.  

So, tonight I rest and give thanks for the mindful awareness that allows us to be joyful about the simplest things. Our minister suggested we write thank you cards even for the little things, Jimmy Fallon style. I'm giving it a try! 

Dear Sunday, 

Thank you for a day of rest. I feel relaxed and ready to take on the week. 

What are you thankful for today?