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10 Meaningful Compliments For Your Favorite Females

Even in our conscientious, gender-equality-seeking times, old habits die hard, and our tendency is still to compliment girls and women mainly on their appearance. 

I'm guilty of it myself. My first instinct when I see a girl is to comment on her dress or shoes. And it's so difficult because I love dresses and shoes! Right?! 

But, when I think back to the compliments I've received over the years, it's the authentic, genuine, ones that had nothing to do with my appearance that I remember. 

Here is a list of 10 meaningful compliments you can pass along to any lovely lady in your life you want to make sure feels appreciated. 

  1. You have really good ideas. 
  2. You always know just what to say. 
  3. Your smile brightens my day. 
  4. Your laugh is contagious. 
  5. You're so hospitable. 
  6. You are a wise woman. 
  7. You're so creative. 
  8. You give the best recommendations. 
  9. You are strong. 
  10. You have an awesome sense of style. 

The next time you see a mom friend at school or go to visit your sister, try one of these suggestions (or better yet, come up with your own).  Notice the way her face lights up much more than it would from telling her you like her boots. 

We all need a true confidence boost from time to time. Saying something authentic, being mindful to change our automatic default conversation patterns, might be the very thing someone needs to turn her day around. 

Then follow it up with how much you like her amazing shade of lipstick. Because we're female. That matters too.