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10 Important Things to Consider Before You Launch A Course

Click the image to download your FREE checklist kit to kick start your process!

Click the image to download your FREE checklist kit to kick start your process!

Before I started creating courses for clients, I was absolutely in love with the idea of offering one for my own students. Even though I absolutely love online courses and now have my process down to a science, there definitely was a time the whole thing seemed way too overwhelming.

how to prepare and launch an online course

So if you have all these ideas bouncing around in your head and you feel like you couldn’t possibly get started launching a successful course, fear not. Take a deep breath. Just like anything new, it’s one step at a time. When you begin with these 10 important things to consider before you launch a course, you’ll be starting out on the right foot.

Narrow Down Your Niche

Maybe you’re passionate about helping people understand the science of happiness. You’ve researched yoga flows, morning routines, affirmations, and meditation. But you realistically couldn’t pack all that into a 4-6 week course. Decide what it is you MOST feel people need to understand.

Get To Know Your Target Audience

What population of people do you feel needs your expertise the most? Is it working moms, stay-at-home moms, or maybe coming-of-age 20-somethings? Do some market research on who your followers are, where they hang out on social media, what they read or listen to, and what conversations they’re having. (You’ll want to take notes.)

Identify The Biggest Unmet Needs

Maybe it’s a mental block preventing moms from starting a morning routine that makes self-care a priority. Whatever the biggest need is market your course to meet that pain point.

Offer a Transformation Outcome

When people sign up for your course, they want to know how they’ll be better off when they’re done than when they started. Will they experience greater day-to-day contentment? Will they feel healthier? Will their relationships improve? Reflect on what personal benefit you’ve received from your topic of expertise. Then convey how this transformation will change your students’ lives.

Planning Your Course Structure

Once you identify your target audience and you understand their needs you can plan what to teach. What you offer will depend on their knowledge and skill level. If you’re teaching yoga sequences, for example, are they in need of a basic sun salutation or are they ready to level up to a yoga-HIIT combo?

Deciding On Types of Content

Do you want to deliver your content mostly via video? Do you prefer audio with slide presentations? A little bit of both? How you deliver your content comes down to what you’re teaching, your comfort level, and the technology you have available. You can create video with your cellphone or a free video program like Windows Movie Maker. Scripts and slide presentations are included in my course creation services, and text and photo presentations are best for in-depth knowledge or topics.

how to plan an online course launch

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Give a little somethin’ extra

To show your appreciation to your students for investing in your course, you’ll want to offer them some bonus content. Do you want to provide a free one-on-one coaching session? Can you give them a discount on future course offerings? Will you provide a fancy course workbook and continued access to your video lessons? Whatever you decide to offer, be sure it’s authentic and represents your brand. When you offer a course you’re building a community of loyal and enthusiastic fans. Bonuses like video interviews with experts and giveaways create returning customers.

What’s in it for you?

You wouldn’t have read this far in this post and be seriously considering launching a course if you didn’t think it would benefit you as well as your students. So how will offering an online course benefit your business? How will it change your life? Why are you so passionate about getting this message out to the masses?

Pricing Your Course

I’ll cover this in more detail in an entirely new post, because honestly, it takes some explaining. Here I’ll start by saying, Teachable recommends pricing your course at least $100. There are a whole slew of reasons listed in this post How To Price Your Online Course including that people EXPECT to pay more for an online course. It’s premium content that deserves premium pricing. Within that post you can also use their course price calculator and understand how to price starting with your income goals.

Plan Your Launch Strategy

How will you sell your course? Can you talk it up on your YouTube channel or in your podcast? You might want to start by making a list of colleagues or a network of people within your niche. If they aren’t already, ask if you can add them to your email list. Get the word out there to your subscribers and followers by offering glimpses of what is to come in a free webinar.

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