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Course Creation Virtual Assistance

I totally get it! Running a blog, coaching services, or other creative online business is already a lot of work. How could you possibly fit creating an online course into your schedule?

Online Course Creation    Easy As 1, 2, 3!

You're a smart lady! Your online business helps others be their own best version of themselves. Now, how do you reach WAY more people with your fabulous resources and expert advice? Create an online course!

Chances are you’ve probably heard how amazing course creation can be for skyrocketing your online business to the next level. But, every time you think about everything that’s involved in setting that up and getting it out there you experience a major case of overwhelm.

I totally get it! Running a blog, coaching services, or other creative online business is already a lot of work. How could you possibly fit creating an online course into your schedule? Where would you even start?

That’s where I come in!

With a decade of teaching experience and five years in the online content business world, course creation is my VA superpower!

All you need to do is bring your expertise to the table and I will take care of ALL the details making you a beautiful and easily taught online course. You simply sell it to all your adoring fans.

1. Crafting the Content         2. Packing the Backpack               3. The Techie Stuff

You and I collaborate to develop what gets included in your course. I’ll combine the best of your resources into key takeaway points. I write, proofread and edit all the copy for what you need people to know, keeping it aligned with your brand and voice.


I’ll create beautiful slide decks and scripts for the presentation of your material. Then the video recording is up to you. And because people learn best by doing, your course includes a PDF workbook so students can put what they’re learning into action.


I take everything that’s been created and upload it into your online course platform. The package comes complete with a coordinated sales landing page to get people excited about taking a course with you.


Sounds amazing. How much? 

Then it's 3...2...1...launch!

If you really want to give your course creation some extra oomph check out my other VA services you can add on as extras!

Let's go over a few FAQ's

Q: Is this right for me? 

A: If you already have written blog posts, articles, podcasts or videos and an audience who interacts with them and you're ready to up your business game, then yes, this is for you! If you intend to sell your course for at least a 3 maybe 4-digit price tag, this service is a game-changer. 

Q: What do I need to be doing while you make the course? 

A: You are responsible for 1. Video or audio recording all scripted material.  2. Telling all your people (and their people) how excited you are to offer this course. 

Q: How long will this take? 

A: Estimated project completion is about 4 weeks. This works out best when your course is delivered in 4-5 weekly modules (which btw, is the max attention span for most students.) How long the process takes depends also on your availability and how quickly you get to recording videos and reviewing material. 

Q: Will this be worth it? Couldn't I do it myself? 

A: Yes and yes. You could do this yourself. Buuut...your expertise is in your area of business and mine is here, with course creation. As a former teacher, I am able to structure course content for student success. And with years of experience doing the online thing, I know the ins and outs allowing me to produce a superior quality course at high-end prices. So yes it will be worth it. It will take me half as long as it would take you and while I'm working on it you just SELL it. You'll make back your investment after 2-3 students and you'll have a course you can offer for years to come. 

Other questions? Let's chat