Family Lifestyle Consulting and Writing

Coaching Sessions

Are things feeling out of sync in your home? Looking to find a little more flow for your family? 

I'm here to help!

What you'll get

family lifestyle consultant
  • The basics of child development from an early childhood professional (That's me!)
  • A listening ear to actually understand your family's stress
  • Why rituals and routines are important for brain development and how to include them in your schedule
  • My own real-life experience with the techniques I'll teach 
  • Suggestions for rearranging and setting up space
  • Techniques and resources for teaching social and emotional skills
  • More peace, calm, connection, and less clutter

What you won't get

  • Judgement
  • Cookie cutter solutions

Ready to learn more?

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Mindful Family Coaching Session

Mindful Family Coaching Session

Purposeful Play Coaching Session

Purposeful Play Coaching Session

Additional Sessions

Additional Sessions